Monday, November 5, 2007

Hello Ween.

Fact: I enjoy dressing-up.
Fact: I also really enjoy good candy.
Mystery fact: I have never really liked Halloween.

A brief explanatory history: See, growing up, my mom never liked Halloween because of the dark, creepy, deathy side of it. (I keep my mom company in the camp that loathes the dark, creepiness of Halloween, because I myself hate being scared. I dread scary movies, etc. because I have a real hard time drawing the line between fictional and real in my head). Did I imagine that it was referred to as Satan's Holiday? Maybe. But regardless—the principle holds true. So, most years we didn't go trick-or-treating. (Of course there were some rather spectacular exceptions, like the year we went with our cousins in Vegas and literally filled a pillow case with candy. THAT was a very lucrative year, indeed). But as a rule, Mom let us trick-or-treat at one place: the local rest home. Now, I'm certainly not complaining, because a little charity in my youth never did me anything but good, BUT it did make dressing-up a little less exciting, and let's be honest—you don't go to a rest home for the candy either; both the quality and quantity were wanting. More often then you'd think the elderly dipped into your bucket; in fact, many residents were more protective with their candy than my little sister Elena. But to be fair, it was never an issue of candy. My mom very generously compensated us in that regard. She always made sure there was PLENTY of candy—good candy—at our house (Definitely enough to satiate our ravenous appetites). So I guess, in the end, it was more about fanfare. No sense making a lot of hoopla about the rest home, right? I think that’s what sort of took the wind out of my sails.

My brothers and sister and I about...24 years ago.

Note: This is my Grandad, not a resident.

It got more exciting in college. Then it was ALL about dressing-up and making hoopla. There was always some party or dance to go to. Marth and I had some classic memories—Bed Head Betty and Bess, and The Lunch Ladies come immediately to mind… And I, like many a college girl, could not escape the 80’s the Halloween Allan and I were dating.

Bed Head Betty and Bess

Allan as a Punk Rocker

The 80's chick and the Tango Dancer (Jules)

But last year, once again, Halloween was…well, pretty boring. I actually forgot it was even Halloween, and candyless, had to pretend I wasn’t home when we got hit up by one single trick-or-treater. I wasn’t going to let that happen again. So, we (my sisters and I) decided to revive Halloween with another Fat Party. Dressing-up is back in the game plan, and chili is on the menu. As documented, we had a grand old time. I’m glad to be reconciled with the holiday—it gave me a great excuse to dress me and my family up (especially Josie), and there was plenty of hoopla and fanfare. And this year, I made sure we had a generous bowl of candy ready for our annual trick-or-treater. (singular: trick-or-treater).

Allan the Google head, Cheetarah Thunder Cat and our Pea Pod

Hazel the Chili Pepper, Josie the Pea Pod, and "Maybee"
(The costume turned out great, huh?)

Em and Riley
Cory and Katie
Charley Brown (Rawl)
Doog and Shauna
Rene and Ben (when you've got it, you've got it.)
Kat and Charley
Raggedy Ann (Hannah) and PollyAnna (Milly)
Cheetarah's makeup was way better the next day for work...


Rob and Marseille said...

What a fun party! Sorry we couldn't be there...thanks for taking pictures so we could see them. Especially Granny and Grandbud!!!!! What a hoot! I can't believe Kat chopped her hair!

2P and Super B said...

I wish Russ and I were at that party. It looks way better than the one we were at. I LOVE YOUR HAIR...the green is nice, but I am talking about that last pic....SO CUTE!! why can't my hair ever look like that?

oh, and I remember my only halloween at ricks...I remember going to the Retrix and freezing my butt off as an aerobics instructor!!

love and miss you!

Christy said...

Miriam, I lurve your pea pod. So stinking cute.

I long to live in the same town as my sister and have parties and babies together. Covet.

Megan said...

oh Mim. Your party looks like the truest of hoopla. A definite Fat Party. Both of them.

I, like you, loathe being scared..

Additionally, you triathlete, you!!! What a gal.

LeAnne said...

Your post was great! All I can say is you have the CUTEST little girl...ever. She turned out to be an adorable pea pod.

Glad you are digging the breadsticks. Yum...I brought one for lunch today. :)