Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blog Exhaustion

Boy, maintaining a blog sure does tucker you out.

Over the past month I have thought almost daily about fascinating blog discussions; you know, in the shower, while nursing, before falling asleep...those times that provide a moment for creative reflection. The problem that we both see of course, is that I have not actually written anything. It's a darn shame, because in my mind, I'm a brilliant blogger.

This will have to be one of those lame journal entries where you have to do a ridiculously insufficient update that goes something like this:

"Dear Journal,
I got married last month!!! It's been so great, I will fill in all the details tomorrow, 'cause I'm too tired right now to write anything intelligible..."

"Dear Journal,
I had a baby!!!..."

And so it goes, my friends. Motherhood has been just dandy, and Josie is a real peach. Here are some pictures highlighting the past few weeks:

Jos just relaxin' in the pool...I mean bath...I mean sink. She's a real water-baby I think.
Don't tell me this isn't the cutest picture ever, 'cause I know it is. My little snuggle bug...
One-month glamor shots...
A foiled Fourth O' July Photo Shoot...
Allan's sexy (and red, I might add) "I-have-a-semester-off-so-I-might-as-well-take-advantage-of-my-short-
freedom-from-the-honor-code-beard." Irresistibly rugged.

Allan's "I'm-having-fun-while-shaving-the-I-have-a-semester-off-so-I-might-as-well-take-
advantage-of-my-short-freedom-from-the honor-code-beard." I think he looks like Flanders from The Simpsons...or Sherlock Holmes...or a real creepy pervert.
Our Family Slip-in-Slide Holiday. Super fun. A hose+roofing plastic+a hill+dishsoap= A SLIPPIN' GOOD TIME!!!

While she watched us from her carseat, she left a lovely gift for us. YOU try changing a blow-out while you're soaking wet and grassy. Little baby girl Tribe was NOT happy about it.
Allan's little brother as "Scary Spice." We love you too, Cam:)
Well, that about does it. Josie was blessed as well, and while she looked like a babe, I did not my friends, so I didn't post the few pictures that we have of that occasion. My cousin Sarah took some real gems so I'll post those when I get them.

I also have big plans to submerse you all into my craft world. You know, just for funsies feature some of the many craft/art/decorating extravaganzas of Em, Eirene and I. So I will post, and you will like it. Eirene and I have begun a little business and are selling some astronomically cute onesies on, so feel free to check those out as well.

Well, until "tomorrow" friends...:)