Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Who's her daddy?

These photos are Allan as a wee one. Check out his parents Mike and Margaret in all their youthful glory! The very first moment that I saw Josie, I felt she was the very image of her father. For a while I was alone in my principles, but little by little everyone saw the light. I think with these photos as proof, there can be little argument as to who her daddy is.

Open eyes AND a smile...

Early this morning Josie had a double blow-out (meaning she had yellow mustard coming out the front of her diaper all up her little tummy, which incidentally, is much more impressive than up the back), and while Allan was changing her she peed all over. So as Josie lay soaking up all this nastiness, Allan came in and reported that she needed a bath. So bathe her we did, and here is the "finally-out-of-the-water-and-into-a-warm-and-cuddly-blanket" shot. Then later I was dancing with her (she loves to be bounced up and down with music), and I was talking my little baby talk to her, and she just beamed up at me. I immediately brought her to Allan to witness the miracle, and we repeated the whole process. So to prove it, we grabbed the camera and she still didn't choke under all that pressure. What an incredible little child.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Josie's big debut

This 8 pound 7 ounce little bundle o' love is my little Josie Scout Tribe. She rocked my entire world at 8:13 pm on June 3rd, 2007—life will never be the same! You may notice that Josie has her eyes closed in all of these pictures. True observation. See, she sleeps a lot, and Allan and I don't sleep enough, so we haven't managed to capture her awake quite yet. I'll get on that. Josie really is a delightful little human. As I mentioned, she sleeps like a champion. I've got no complaints—life is just grand.

Allan is real gem of a daddy, and I’ve discovered that fatherhood is dead sexy. There’s nothing that makes you want to hold your man more than watching him change a poopy diaper.

Parenthood has quite the learning curve, I’ve discovered, but I must say it has been a lot of fun. It’s so fabulous to be one of the most important people to a little baby. It’s a real treat to finally be the one a baby cries for—to have the magic touch, if you will.

All in all, Josie has brought nothing but joy to our little family; all the challenges of motherhood are worth the happiness I feel when I hold her perfect little body in my arms. It’s worth losing your once smokin’ bod, (can my skin ever be the same??) washing your sheets three times a week, losing sleep, smelling like spit-up…yep—it’s worth every lovely surprise that comes along with the baby. Because despite all that, you just can’t beat that sweet feeling you get when they fall asleep on your chest, or when their face lights up with a smile (even if it is a bit of gas). Hats off, Josie. Congratulations on dazzling your parents, and changing our lives forever.

Beautiful Bellies

For those who haven't heard the news of the century, my older sister Emily, younger sister Eirene and I were all pregnant at the same time. Incredible, we know, and no we did not plan it. You'd be surprised how many ask if we did—“Uh, yes. You see, we had this big party, and..." Well here's the cream: Emily had her little Hazel Anne June 1st, Eirene had little Mae Ella the 2nd, and Josie Scout was the caboose on the 3rd. I imagine the little girls schemed for it to happen this way. Can’t you just see the three up in heaven? “Ok, on the count of three…” When I went to visit Eirene in the hospital (which incidentally, I’m pretty sure it was seeing Hazel and Mae that sent me into labor) she said that Josie must be up in heaven all by herself thinking “man, this place is a tomb…I’m outta here!” And she was, bless her little heart.

p.s. This photo was taken by my cousin Sarah, and isn't it a beaut? If anyone is in the market for a great photographer, she's very good. I give her two enthusiastic thumbs up. (Who knew thumbs could be enthusiastic??)

Oh, p.p.s. I'm the one on the left.

Basketball or baby?

This shot was taken a week or so before the collective births--we were hoping it would be an inducing hike. No babies, but great conversation...especially with Milly.
It's been a long and rocky road to blogland. At first I felt it was one of those preppy band-wagon internet crazes and would have nothing of it. Then I secretly kinda wanted to, but felt I wasn't quite internet savvy enough--very sad, but very true. By the time I did finally feel semi-confident enough to maneuver the user-friendly site, I had a lot on my plate, namely a new little human to care for (an astronomically adorable and incredible little human, I might add). So I now begin my journey through blogtopia, and I’ll begin with some lovely pictures of my baby belly. It was a real humdinger, I tell you. For funsies, I’ll also put a picture of me pretending to be pregnant on the mish—interestingly enough, basketballs were not actually used in either shot. The first was a towel, and the other was my little bundle o’ joy.