Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tri Tri Again...

WOO HOO!!! Yesterday I completed my second triathlon! It was so great. I mean, it was really so great. My first one was right after Josie was born, and Emily and I made up our own course. Fun. This time I did it with Eirene, and we did the Powertri Yuba triathlon out in Levan Utah. We even got a t-shirt! It was so thrilling to race with other athletes, and I loved the spirit of camaraderie between everyone. People would just yell "Good work!! Keep it up!" as they passed you. We definitely felt super amateur compared to all the serious athletes, but we finished, and we had a blast. We did rent wetsuits however, for the open-water swim, so yeah, we were pretty cool for that part. And I was feeling pretty good about myself when I get out of the water 'cause the two dudes that were finishing with me were these super fit looking twenty-five year-olds. Boo yah! The race was a 1/2 miles swim, a 13 mile bike, and a 5k run. We did it in just over two hours. I was surprised to find that running a race is very similar to the feeling I had when giving birth (racing isn't near as intense as birthing), but you feel that high-as-a-kite, on top of the world feeling. Eirene and I were comparing the last few hundred yards of the run with the last few pushes. Eirene was like, "Ok, now the baby is crowning! we're just pushing out the placenta!!" TMI? Ok. But really, it's more similar than you'd think. Anyway, so fun. can't wait to do another.

I can't really believe that I'm posting this chin shot, but...enjoy.

I'm in there somewhere.



Eirene doing a victory leap!

Eirene's battle wound. The turnaround point was horrendously dangerous.

Adam came to support us. Allan and Ben and Rene's kids were there too, FYI.