Thursday, July 23, 2009

If you were wondering if "Miriam's Trunk" featured on Design*Sponge's Before/After's today is me...

It is!!!

WErhgsadASDLKgha;ilsduopwiehr!!!!! See? I'm so excited that I can't even type coherently! If you read design blogs, than you already know that Design Sponge is the most AMAZING, drool worthy, inspiring design blog out there. And they featured my before and after that's really a DIY project, but they can call it whatever the heck they want, and I'd still be thrilled!! Woohoo!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm not dead. I'm watching SYTYCD.

So it's no secret that I don't have quite as much free time as I used to, and because I spend at least three hours a week watching So You Think You Can Dance, I just haven't had time to blog. Not that I've ever been a real consistent blogger anyway.

So life is good. There's a lot of things that I could write about, but since that would take a long time, I'll give you convenient bulleted list. This will be fun, cause you can guess what I would say if I did take the time to ramble about...

-Josie finally actually turned two, which is funny cause she's been two for like six months.

-Having two kids isn't near as bad as I thought it would be.

-Newborns are a delicious breed of human.

-Do you ever feel like your workouts take up your entire day? Not only because IF you don't finish before the kids get up, they really DO take the whole day, but because all day is a recovery of your morning workout, and all day is also just a count down to your next work out. I hate that. I just want to workout and then forget about it.

-I wish I knew how to make Josie feel more secure, because recently (like yesterday and today) she's hit Merritt a couple of times, and it brings out the big bad Mama Bear in me, and I lose it. I really hate it when I lose it.

-Cooking dinner every night is a real beast.

-I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I've been busy with just as many projects as ever. I feel like since I have two kids I shouldn't have time for that kind of stuff, but yet I still find away. Everyone always asks me how I can manage to do everything, and to that I say, I don't. There isn't enough time to do everything, and so when I get a project done, I don't cook dinner or don't clean the house.

-I wish I knew how to balance my life better.

-I'm amazed that nobody ever talks about how poop and potty are such a huge part of motherhood. Who knew? Poop and Potty are significant part of my day. Everyday. It seems like there's always something to wipe, or wash, or change. But at least it's my kids' poop and potty I have to deal with, because that would really be gross if I had to clean up your kid's...

-I really like the library.

-Help! I can't stop reading self-help books!

-I signed up for a triathlon today. WOO WOO!!! (September 12, baby!)

I'm sure there's more I could bullet about, but it's already taken me like a half an hour to come up with that list.

Here are some pictures to accompany my bullets:


Two's birthday dress. I saw this in a magazine for $98, and recreated it for $4. I actually took pictures to make a tutorial if anyone is actually interested.

Just chillin...

Stealing Grandma's glasses...

Adam left his fake glasses here, and this is Josie right before she broke them. Sorry, Egg.

Josie and Mae enjoying a good read with Grandad.

Family vacay to my parents. They don't live in the cliff dwellings. (and don't judge me on how big my arm looks in this picture).

Mesa Verde. So cool.

What Josie does when we're not in the room.

Some sweet close-ups of my angel.

I bought an old military foot locker at DI for $3, planning to upholster it and make it into a toy chest. But once I started sanding it etc, it was so gross and nasty I decided to just make a new one entirely. So I just went down the Home Depot, bought some plywood, had them cut it to the dimensions I needed (do you know they do that for free?!) and then slapped the puppy together with some wood glue and nails, upholstered it and printed the fabric with a homemade stencil, and BAM. A new toy chest.
Here are the toys within.

I decided I needed a purse to use when I'm without my kids. I know, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, I always feel like I've got these big old mom-bags, and I don't feel cute (especially on date's with Allan). So I designed this little purse to help me feel more hip. Too much?

This doesn't look near as exciting as it is. I bought this curtain hardware at Ikea, and then free-handed some designs onto a big cut of fabric to make this room separator. Our front room is really pretty big, and all my sewing crap is just out in the open of my living room. I have long-loathed our set-up. So this divides the two areas and helps define the living spaces. I rearranged the whole room, and LOVE it. There's NOTHING so refreshing and exciting as rearranging furniture.

And another HUGE project I've been working on is my dang quilt (the one I've been working on for over a year for our king-sized bed). I'm ALMOST done with the top, and then it will probably just sit there for years until I have enough $$$ to actually have it quilted.

I never know how to wrap up huge posts like this, so I'll just say be glad that I used bullets to SUM up all this mumbo jumbo.