Monday, October 22, 2007

Fat party, and other notables


Dance parties have never been so hoppin'. The day before my birthday I received (in the mail) a super cool invite to a "Birthday Dance Jam" set for my big day. All the guests (me, Em, Eirene, Babies, and of course Milly and Rawl) jammed to some bumpin' tunes, snacked on some happenin' california roles, and then enjoyed a nice, cool, smooth, homemade Jamba Juice. If you think it could have been any more cool, you're wrong. I learned new moves from Milly and Rawl, introduced Josie to the "shimmy", and got to see my two very hot sisters work-it. Bet you wish YOU got an invite too...sorry, it was for exclusive members only.

I had a great Birth Day. It made me glad I've been around the past 25 years, and excited to be around for the next 25. P.S. I ended the day laughing with my siblings (Em & Family, Cory & Family, Rene & Family) about bathroom humor, and enjoying a chocolate mousse pie from Emily. What's not fabulous about that?

On to the other Notables.

Josie is getting prettier and prettier. Don't you think?

What is not to love about this dazzling smile?!
She has about 4 hairs that are 2.5 inches longer than all the rest.
She's also become a Strongbad fan. I can't say I'm surprised.
And she's found her toes. She sucks on them occasionally, which is SO cute, but we haven't been fortunate enough to capture it on camera.

She also can roll over, make a motor-boat noise, giggle, and stand on her own. I'm not kidding...

Other things you should probably know are:

I made pizza on Saturday night, with this recipe, and it was AMAZING. Give it a go.

I copied Martha, and made this apron holder. Now I've just got to make another apron.

Eirene made me these: (Thanks, LeAnne)
I also made this...(It's a wedding gift for a friend)

I am working on this...

I just finished helping plan and pull-off the primary portion of this year's annual Stake Emergency Preparedness Fair.

I've been baking bread lately. I've also been eating a lot of bread lately.

I've been watching, and thoroughly enjoying Pam and Jim's togetherness on The Office.

Ok, I think I'd better stop there.

Monday, October 1, 2007

1/2 mile swim. 3.2 miles run. 18 mile bike ride.

I'm awesome.

For the last four months Emily and I have been kicking our own trashes training for a triathlon. It was Emily's brilliant idea to begin with. Post babies, she thought it would give us a great excuse (and motivation) to get back in shape. She would think that, right? I readily agreed to do it with her. Allan confessed that in his heart of hearts, he thought it was a passing whim, and that I would never really do it.
Boy, was he wrong!! Ha Ha!!
So, it has been a lot of fun training (I really enjoyed the varied workouts, i.e. biking, swimming, running, strength training), and last Saturday we did it.

On an interesting side note, most of the summer we were planning to do the Ogden Triathlon, but in the end the $70 dollar entrance fee was too steep for us. So we made up our own! You didn't think that was possible, did you?? Well, it is my friends, it is. No need to be frightened away by expensive fees anymore! Thanks to Allan, Riley, and Google maps, we were able route out an identical course here in Provo. I must admit that my main sorrow about not doing an official one, was not getting a t-shirt. (Folks, let's be honest--you can't work your trash off all summer and then have nothing to show-off in the end...I mean, besides what you have to show-off for your husband) So, in order to heal my wound, I made us our own t-shirts. And I gotta say, they turned out pretty great. I drew the girls on the front, Emily drew the stick figures on the back, and then with the help from,, a wal-mart $2 special, and a good "crafternoon" with my sisters, we ended up with fairly cool shirts. Right??

The triathlon itself was great. Physically challenging of course, but both Em and I felt well-prepared. The hardest part about the whole thing was that it was ASTRONOMICALLY COLD. It was raining the entire time (except of course, when it was SNOWING), and by the time we finished we couldn't feel/wiggle our fingers or our toes. We were completely soaked through, literally. In a way it was kind of a bummer, but in another way it made it an even bigger accomplishment.

So seriously guys, we're awesome.