Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Sweet (and Sticky) Ones

The Birthday Cake
The Free-for-All

The Triplets
The Nomad

Taking care of our needs, one graham cracker at a time.

She is screaming. It's early...maybe 7:00 am? She usually doesn't stir before 8:00. Dad-nabbit, I think. What's the deal? I groggily stumble out of bed to grab her, and find her standing in the corner of the crib in frustration. I notice that she's got a real dirty face. Huh. You need a bath, baby. When I pick her up, I realize that dirty isn't the best way to describe her. It's more...crumby. I rub my eyes. What I then discover is she is standing in a small mountain of graham cracker crumbs. Huh?! Why the crap is there a huge pile of graham cracker crumbs in her crib?!
Fast forward a couple of hours.
Allan strolls through the door an hour before church. "Hey Babe?" I inquire, "Why was Joe wallowing in graham cracker crumbs this morning?" "She was hungry. I just tossed some in before I left for my meetings." Oh. Of course.
She was hungry.

Happy Father's Day.

And ps. If you're wondering if she went to church with that 'do, the answer is no.
It was a whole lot worse.

Monday, June 9, 2008

NEW! Sort of...

You'll be thrilled to know that I reupholstered this couch! Many of you know that I've been pining for a new couch, and a few of you also know that I have set my cap at re-upholstering one. Well, the opportunity just came, and I seized it. My friend Trine's brother (I think?) gave her this couch, which she then very generously passed on to me. It was comfy, and a nice style, but really really really...not white anymore. Well, anyhow--now it's green. What do you think???

P.S. Stay tuned for Josie's birthday pics and other family treasures!