Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In need of a dentist? Live in Ogden?

So even though this blog is basically discontinued, the still gets traffic from this website. So people are still apparently coming here to go there.

So this is for all of you who still hit this site. If you need to go see a dentist in Ogden Utah, you should go to my dad, Mike Tribe. His office is on the Southern border of Ogden City just east of Harrison Blvd.

I just barely finished his website, its lacking a little bit of info about the staff, but other than that it is ready to go. I'm working now on getting the site higher on Google for keywords like Ogden Utah dentist and such.

His office is really nice, it has an Xbox and a Wii in the lobby, TV's above each dental chair, and really cool digital x-rays. You can take a virtual dentist office tour led by my dad on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy. Oh, by the way, if anyone sees any typos or anything on the website let me know.