Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2 years, skinny jeans, and Jane Austen

Last night Allan and I celebrated two years of marital bliss by eating until we were physically handicapped (meaning, we had to lean back in our chairs, walk slowly, and ditch our big plans of going bowling). Tuccano's treated us right, folks. Just like it always does. AH!!!! MEAT!!! I'm part carnivore, ever since my return from Argentina. They learn how to BAR B QUE before they learn to crawl, I'm pretty sure. So anyway, the long and short of it is last night was tender, savory, bliss. And I'm not just talkin' bout the meat... Heh, heh...

To commemorate our happiness (or really just take the opportunity to show a wedding photo) here is oneof the big day two years ago.
I loved my Allan that day I said "yes" to eternity, but I love him even better today. He has made me happier than I ever knew how to be, and who knew he would make me laugh so much?! I'm pretty sure, I didn't. Pleasant surprise, right?

Speaking of marriage, I always swore I would never wear tapered jeans as long as I live. As you all know, the style has slowly crept up on us all, and before we know it, our cute cousins are sportin' them and looking great. And we think..."ok, on her they look good." And then... "I actually think they're kind of cute, but I could never sport them." And then, "man, I wish I had the legs and booty to sport those skinny jeans!!" And finally we are in the dressing room for a half an hour trying to decided whether we do or do not have that booty. I'm still undecided, but I went ahead and bought them. And I like them. A lot. Here's how it happened. I was having the above conversation with my cousin Laura (who incidentally was the FIRST girl I had to concede looked pretty rockin' in the jeans), and I said something about how you had to be skinny minny to look good in them, and how I thought they were cute, but never on me, and she said something like, "that's what everyone says, until they try them on." So I then I had to find out for myself, and I will say this: although the jury is still out about whether or not have sauce enough to sport them, I haven't felt so hip since I busted that purple net shirt in kindergarten...every other day.

And lastly, I have something to say concerning our favorite authress, Miss Jane Austen. As many of you know, I may or may not be obsessed with her novels/subsequent movies right now (thank you Masterpiece Theatre). Within the last six months I have read P & P, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and am now enjoying Persuasion. I have watched, goggled, drooled, and poured over the delightful movies again and again....and again. This Jane fest, although wonderful, has not been without it's sorrows, due to the heckling, boo-hooing, moaning, groaning, jeering, wailing, gnashing of teeth etc. that my husband and almost every other male within my acquaintance contribute upon the mere mention of any of Jane's books/movies. WHY?!?!? I don't get it, boys. TRIVIA QUESTION: Do we, or do we not practically THROW ourselves at you upon finishing any of our friend Jane's books/movies?! Do we not forgive any/ALL your shortcomings and become instantly giddy and affectionate?? Let's be honest--Jane really knew how to get a girl worked up! Is this not reward enough for any ballroom dance scene you may have suffered through? So, here it is: the day you endure an Austen classic, without the post-game foo foo, is the day I give you permission to moan and groan about repetitive plots and the lack of explosions.