Saturday, January 24, 2009

Projects and Patience

So it's been awhile. Christmas was great. But I forgot to document how great it was. January has been pretty good too. I usually give January a big thumbs down, but this year I've been keeping busy with different projects and major nesting (I've been organizing my life away), and the month has flown by. Some highlights:

Josie went through a the two-naked-Ken-doll phase. All day long she made a big bed with every blanket she could find and put the two dolls to bed together. Cute and creepy.

And then she got into the Vaseline. That's how she achieved that dewy glow.

And she had her first Christmas that she remotely knew what was going on...
She played in the snow. A Christmas Story anyone? Anyone?
I made this quilt for Josie, as she is getting the boot from the crib when baby brother makes his big debut.

I bought this desk off KSL and then painted it.
Josie helped.

Allan and I have been watching Gilmore Girls, and Josie is really into interpreting the theme song.

And then tonight, Josie decided that she loves squash. But not to eat. Mostly to smash all over her face. And her hair.

And I made these booties for a shower last night.
Well, that's it. Oh, and I'm PREGNANT. I'm not kidding, folks. I feel like I'm huge, and I AM huge. Three months seems like an E TER NI TY. I'm REALLY trying to psych myself out for the long stretch, but some days I'm feeling like I'm way more huge and uncomfortable than my six months should merit. Does anyone else feel like this? Have felt like this? I am probably alone in my principles.

Well, here I go off to my room to write that hit-song "Along in my Principles".

10 Awesome points to anyone who knows where that's from.