Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Basketball or baby?

This shot was taken a week or so before the collective births--we were hoping it would be an inducing hike. No babies, but great conversation...especially with Milly.
It's been a long and rocky road to blogland. At first I felt it was one of those preppy band-wagon internet crazes and would have nothing of it. Then I secretly kinda wanted to, but felt I wasn't quite internet savvy enough--very sad, but very true. By the time I did finally feel semi-confident enough to maneuver the user-friendly site, I had a lot on my plate, namely a new little human to care for (an astronomically adorable and incredible little human, I might add). So I now begin my journey through blogtopia, and I’ll begin with some lovely pictures of my baby belly. It was a real humdinger, I tell you. For funsies, I’ll also put a picture of me pretending to be pregnant on the mish—interestingly enough, basketballs were not actually used in either shot. The first was a towel, and the other was my little bundle o’ joy.