Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beautiful Bellies

For those who haven't heard the news of the century, my older sister Emily, younger sister Eirene and I were all pregnant at the same time. Incredible, we know, and no we did not plan it. You'd be surprised how many ask if we did—“Uh, yes. You see, we had this big party, and..." Well here's the cream: Emily had her little Hazel Anne June 1st, Eirene had little Mae Ella the 2nd, and Josie Scout was the caboose on the 3rd. I imagine the little girls schemed for it to happen this way. Can’t you just see the three up in heaven? “Ok, on the count of three…” When I went to visit Eirene in the hospital (which incidentally, I’m pretty sure it was seeing Hazel and Mae that sent me into labor) she said that Josie must be up in heaven all by herself thinking “man, this place is a tomb…I’m outta here!” And she was, bless her little heart.

p.s. This photo was taken by my cousin Sarah, and isn't it a beaut? If anyone is in the market for a great photographer, she's very good. I give her two enthusiastic thumbs up. (Who knew thumbs could be enthusiastic??)

Oh, p.p.s. I'm the one on the left.