Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blog Exhaustion

Boy, maintaining a blog sure does tucker you out.

Over the past month I have thought almost daily about fascinating blog discussions; you know, in the shower, while nursing, before falling asleep...those times that provide a moment for creative reflection. The problem that we both see of course, is that I have not actually written anything. It's a darn shame, because in my mind, I'm a brilliant blogger.

This will have to be one of those lame journal entries where you have to do a ridiculously insufficient update that goes something like this:

"Dear Journal,
I got married last month!!! It's been so great, I will fill in all the details tomorrow, 'cause I'm too tired right now to write anything intelligible..."

"Dear Journal,
I had a baby!!!..."

And so it goes, my friends. Motherhood has been just dandy, and Josie is a real peach. Here are some pictures highlighting the past few weeks:

Jos just relaxin' in the pool...I mean bath...I mean sink. She's a real water-baby I think.
Don't tell me this isn't the cutest picture ever, 'cause I know it is. My little snuggle bug...
One-month glamor shots...
A foiled Fourth O' July Photo Shoot...
Allan's sexy (and red, I might add) "I-have-a-semester-off-so-I-might-as-well-take-advantage-of-my-short-
freedom-from-the-honor-code-beard." Irresistibly rugged.

Allan's "I'm-having-fun-while-shaving-the-I-have-a-semester-off-so-I-might-as-well-take-
advantage-of-my-short-freedom-from-the honor-code-beard." I think he looks like Flanders from The Simpsons...or Sherlock Holmes...or a real creepy pervert.
Our Family Slip-in-Slide Holiday. Super fun. A hose+roofing plastic+a hill+dishsoap= A SLIPPIN' GOOD TIME!!!

While she watched us from her carseat, she left a lovely gift for us. YOU try changing a blow-out while you're soaking wet and grassy. Little baby girl Tribe was NOT happy about it.
Allan's little brother as "Scary Spice." We love you too, Cam:)
Well, that about does it. Josie was blessed as well, and while she looked like a babe, I did not my friends, so I didn't post the few pictures that we have of that occasion. My cousin Sarah took some real gems so I'll post those when I get them.

I also have big plans to submerse you all into my craft world. You know, just for funsies feature some of the many craft/art/decorating extravaganzas of Em, Eirene and I. So I will post, and you will like it. Eirene and I have begun a little business and are selling some astronomically cute onesies on, so feel free to check those out as well.

Well, until "tomorrow" friends...:)


Ann said...

Yep. So you're a slacking blogger. I was about to give up on your blog forever, so you revived just in the nick of time.

Mim, your daughter is darling, of course, and it is really fun seeing the fun you are having with her. Also, Merrit and April had told me about your slip and slide outing and it looks like it was so fun. I wish my family could have been there. By the way, you look great!! Your tummy looks flat already! You're one hot mama, I tell you. And as for Alan's facial hair--I love it! Sexy! That picture of him after he started shaving it is so funny!

M-Ware said...

yayyyyy, you finally updated your blog. a grand update! can't wait for more.
LOL to that pervert picture of allan. goo.