Monday, November 19, 2007


Saturday afternoon Allan informed me that our computer had crashed. It was completely unexpected (I suppose it always is) and utterly devastating! We had lost ALL of pictures. We had backed up our pictures about six months ago, but that meant that we lost all our pictures of Josie. We would be able to recover the ones I've posted here as well as the ones we've sent people through email, but it was only a fraction of what we had. I cannot convey the sadness I felt! I was devastated. We also lost a lot of other things, including all my English documents (aka my entire English major career) but it was nothing to me compared to those lost pictures. For more than a day we thought we had lost it, and on Saturday night I balled for an entire hour before finally falling asleep. Yesterday Allan was still trying different things, really without any real hope, and--long story short--something that Peter (my computer genius for a brother) had left worked!! We recovered almost everything. I don't know enough about computers to explain with any coherence what happened, so I'll just say that it was a Christmas miracle.

The whole time I thought that we'd lost it all, I kept on thinking about this picture. I didn't send it to anyone, nor post it here, because I think I look like death-warmed-over. BUT, I realized how much it really meant to me, because when I look at it, it reminds me of the indescribable way I felt, and that really is invaluable.

I'm grateful today for modern technology, and Peter, and these pictures, and Josie, and for Allan of course, who miraculously recovered it all (with some special help I'm sure).


pal said...

What a true miracle. I am so glad that help came! (In multiple ways it sounds.) I agree with you, I could loose my entire computer, except for my pictures. They are the most priceless treasures in the world.(We just bought an external hard drive for just such an event.)

Lacey said...

I was so devastated for you all the way up until the paragraph when you mentioned you were able to recover everything. Whew!
I know just how you feel though. Sam and I also temporarily lost all our pictures of the first few weeks of Riley's life. Somehow they all got deleted off of our camera memory card, and we hadn't had enough foresight to back them up yet. After a lot of work, we finally got most of them back.

2P and Super B said...

Mim, I think that you look amazing. Not in the way the world thinks, but because you just gave birth which is absolutely amazing in and of itself!! I love it. I also love that you had an unmedicated birth. Speaking of which, I want to call and talk to you about your experience with labor and delivery! I am happy that you were able to retrieve everything!

The Belnaps said...

I cant believe this story! I can imagine how devastated you were. Im definitely backing up all my pictures of little brooklynn now! Im so glad you got all your pictures back! Lets hang out soon!

trine k said...

Hey Miriam! I'm so glad that you were able to retrieve your pictures- and now I am extra motivated to back mine up (since I've done that, um, never). Btw, I feel like its been a long time since I've seen you, so give me a ring when you're back in town and we can have "girl talk" about natural labor, book clubs and girls night out movie night! Hope you had a good thanksgiving!