Friday, September 7, 2007

Cyber Tag

I've always really dug tag.

4 Jobs I’ve had:
Construction worker (cabeling)
Fire Fighter
MTC Spanish Teacher
Storytime performer (At the library)

4 Places I’ve lived:
Mohave Desert, CA
Roosevelt, UT
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Old Greenich, CT

4 Fave TV Shows:
The Office…obviously
Man vs. Wild
The Dick Van Dyke Show

4 Favorite Foods:
Potatoes (in any form)
Asado (a big fat steak)
Pot Stickers

4 Websites I visit:
Various Blogs,

4 Places I’d rather be right now:

Your mom’s house

Jo-Ann’s Fabrics

In the water

On a plane to Taiwan or Central America…or maybe Europe.

4 Movies I love:

That Thing You Do

The Sandlot

Pride and Pred...Keira’s snaggletooth is only marginally distracting.

( I just wish she’d do her dang hair).

The Bourne Ultimatum (It’s incredible!!!)

4 People I tag:




Jules—maybe this will get her to update her blog.


M-Ware said...

yay for cyber tag!! i assume 'your mom's house' means korinne's house, right? ha. or any mom's house would be nice, i guess.

LeAnne said...

thanks for the "tag" mim! you were a fire fighter?! you are totally amazing.