Friday, September 7, 2007

Falling into Fall...

I kinda feel like real life began this week. You know, like the beginning of the rest of my life.
Allan started school, and I kissed him goodbye for the semester. Now he's got school and work, and is, and will, work very hard at both. So our time together has significantly dimished. Allan is hard worker, and I absolutely love that about him, but I ain't gonna lie... I miss him like crazy. Fortunately I have lots to keep my busy while he's away. First of all, my little drama queen Josie. She's been an absolutely wonderful little companion for me. Sometimes I love her so much I think my head will explode. She's been really playing with her voice lately, so all day long I hear this delightful little gurgles and coos. And she's a smiling MACHINE. When I'm out and about she instantly charms all who see her with her dazzling little toothless grin (they walk away thinking they're big news 'cause they made her smile). She's a delightful little person.

We visited Roosy again a couple weekends ago, and said goodbye to my little brother Adam who will spend this semester with my brother Merritt's fam up in Oregon. I love my brothers, and will miss them both immensely. I think I may also miss my long hair...
As some of you know, my dad is quitting medicine, and chasing his dream of starting a troubled youth home. The project is very much still in the developmental stages, but I'm so happy for him. I know he will be very happy with this change, and I also know that he will really be able to use his many talents in this project. My dad has a huge heart, and loves to help people.

And he's absolutely magic with babies. Here's "Grandad" with Josie...he put her right to sleep.

I've been thinking a lot lately about life missions--My dad is jumping into the great unknown to fulfill his...Emily was talking to me yesterday about it, and I am fascinated to think that everyone has a nook or cranny in this world that is meant just for them. Or better said, that everyone has something special--some passion, or talent, or desire--that they need to contribute to the world. I believe in that, and respect it a great deal. I have no idea what mine is, but I am going to try and find out.

I got to see my good friend Marilee this past weekend. Friends since Junior High, we've stayed in touch over the years and as life would have it, we had our first babies one day apart. (Josie was born on the third, and Laya on the fourth). It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad that we got shot of our girls together (even if they did sleep through almost the whole affair).

I also started a job this week. On Wednesdays, I will be doing storytime (actually "Music and Movement Time") at Springville City Library. Eirene will be doing storytime. I may also teach a couple gymnastic classes...we shall see.

So this is the beginning of my Fall. I love Fall best of all, and not just because my birthday is in October. You just can't beat the cool crisp air, colorful leaves, and BYU football (Allan's head may also explode any minute from excitement).


Megan said...

Love your new hair Mim! And look! It's Mare! How's she doing? Your brothers have grown up! WOW.

I emailed you. ;) Are you still coming this way soon?

Lacey said...

You and Eirene will be the best Music and Movement/Storytime tellers the Springville library has ever seen.
I feel your pain about having an absent husband...Too bad we don't live in the same town so we can lament our loss together.
I can't believe how big Josie is! She's cute as can be.

M-Ware said...

all this head exploding going head's also about to explode with all this info update. first off, i think josie is now starting to resemble you more and more. that's fun. a little chameleon on our hands. and her toothless grin is classic. like a little ol' grandpa. a new pic of the 3 cousins together -- now i can really tell who's whose.

so fun to see mare-dog. AND so fun to see the many things you can do with your new 'do. short hair is where it's at and you look great with that cut.

Adoo said...

Well Miriam, thanks alot. I've successfully blown away by that baby of your's, in fact I even went to an officer of the law (I'm being serious here) and asked him if a baby that cute was legal according to our laws. Of course he said yes and gave me the job of sentencing Josie to come over here to see if we can't uncute her just enough so that we can both be happy that your daughter is cute, not too cute, but legally cute.
You hAVe thrEe DaYs!!