Friday, May 1, 2009

This better be the last belly shot...

INIGO: I do not suppose you could speed things up?

MAN IN BLACK: If you're in such a hurry, you could lower a rope, or a tree branch, or find something useful to do.

INIGO: I could do that. In fact, I've got some rope up here. But I do not think that you will accept my help, since I am only waiting around to kill you.

MAN IN BLACK: That does put a damper on our relationship.

INIGO: But I promise I will not kill you until you reach the top.

MAN IN BLACK: That's very comforting. But I'm afraid you'll just have to wait.

INIGO: I hate waiting.

Me too, Inigo. Me too. Inigo is waiting for a duel-to-the-death--which, for all his confidence, could be rather grueling--and yet the anticipation of it all is unbearable. I'm due tomorrow, and the only indication of that is my enormous belly. No real signs of anything going on. In fact, I feel annoyingly comfortable. My back has stopped hurting these last couple of weeks. My pinched nerve really hasn't bothered me. I'm sleeping pretty dang good. I can walk miles without feeling like the baby is going to fall out. I'm not complaining, but it makes me feel like I might just stay nine-months pregnant forever.

I could write an entire book on nesting. I've:
-organized every drawer, cupboard, closet in my house. (Allan says that "organized" is an insufficient description, so I will qualify by adding re-arranged, grouped, labeled, boxed, tubbed, beautified, etc)
-I've cleaned in places that have never been cleaned before (in my house, you sicko).
-I've sewn quilts and clothes and junk.
-I've literally read every book our library has on childbirth--pro-natural, pro-medicated, whatever, I read it.
-I've washed all his clothes and have them neatly folded in the dresser. Just waiting to be pooped on..
-I've bought meat almost every time I go to the grocery store, and have it waiting in the freezer.
-I've painted my toes
-I've straightened my hair almost every day for the past two weeks, just in case.
-And recently, I impulsively painted our dining room table bright red because I was desperate for a project (more photos on that later).

Anyway, so here it is. The last belly shot. It's absolutely ASTRONOMICAL, is it not?! I find that I stun even myself every time I pass a mirror. It doesn't feel that big, but when I see it I'm like "Seriously? That's me?!"



marzy dotes said...

That is a big belly, reminds me of myself at 9 months prego. No torso, so baby must go out and out some more. However, I think you look stunningly beautiful. Good luck with the delivery. Hope you don't have to wait too long.

Jon and Angela said...

Miriam, you look beautiful! Just keep telling yourself that NO ONE has EVER stayed 9-months pregnant forever. This baby will eventually get here. I hope for your sake it's soon. Sounds like there's not anything else you can do to prepare. I hope you don't have to play the waiting game for long.

Averi said...

Mim you are rockin that belly. I don't care how big it is, you look FABULOUS! For real. So freaking cute. I am sure the baby is coming soon enough! Hang in there, I can't wait to see pics!!

russ2p said...

Really, that is seriously the furthest out belly I have ever seen. I am not saying that to make you feel bad. It is just amazing is what it is!! Not the biggest belly, just the furthest out. And you do look great! I love your toenails too! You hot momma!

Carrie said...

Mim. Your baby belly is AWESOME. Your face doesn't look fat, your legs don't look fat-- you just look like the hot sexy mim with a large basketball taped to your belly. You look fabulous. Congrats. Can't wait to see the ole chap.

Ann said...

Welp. I have to admit it. I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like that belly before. Incredible, Mim! It's not that it's so big, though, it's that it just sticks out so far. It's as if that little guy is somehow lying completely stretched out horizontally. But don't worry, Mim. All that stickin'-out belly does is give me one more reason to enjoy looking at you.

whitney allison said...

I'm not gonna lie, that is one serious baby belly. You're so skinny though! Unbelievable.

The Piersons said...

That belly is big!! But I have to agree with everyone, you look so beautiful. We are so anxious for your newest arrival!!

M-Ware said...

Mim. That sucker is something to be proud of. I want to tell you some stats that Adam found that were supposed to ... I don't know ... drive me insane? The world record for a woman being pregnant is 1 year and 1 month (I think). The heaviest baby ever born was 23 lbs. Can you flipping believe it? Just some fun, annoying facts to make you think that it WILL go on forever, which, I am convinced it will for me. But, rest assured, no one is thinking of you and feeling for you more than me right now. You know this. I, however, am feeling and doing completely opposite from you. I ache a lot more and can't move very well and I have cramps. Not really contractions, just cramps. Awesome. And I have zero nesting urge. My house is tidy but not clean and I couldn't care less.