Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Adjusting my mindset a bit

My dad the-boy-at-heart, is a second child. My sister Em had a girl first, and then her second was a boy. Merritt had a boy first, and their second was also a boy. Eirene, as most of you know, just had her second child, baby boy Ike. Cory's wife Katie is pregnant with their second, a boy due in February. Allan's younger brother is the second in his family. His dad's family had a boy second as well. Due you see a pattern? As Allan pointed out to me before we found out, the second child in our families were 100% of the time boys.

And we are no exception.

I've gotta say, I'm O-2 now. I was convinced Josie was a boy, and well, she wasn't. And then with this one, I THOUGHT it was a girl ( I NEVER claimed to have any sort of real feeling guiding me) and again, I was exactly wrong.

But of course I'm thrilled! I'll just have to adjust my mindset a bit. And Allan couldn't be prouder of course. When I told my dad the news he said, "tell Allan he's the Man." And I did, but I'm pretty sure I didn't have to. He's walking with a little bounce in his step today.

So that's it. IT'S A BOY!

And PS to all those who wondered whether or not I'm showing?.........Yeah. I am. This is my best attempt at a profile shot.


marzy dotes said...

Congratulations! Little boys are so much fun! Be prepared for balls, trains, and transportation of all shapes and sizes. I have a boy and a girl too. I love it!

The Piersons said...

Yea for little boys and for finally seeing a belly shot. I've lovin both of them!

The Brandleys said...

Hooray a boy! You are gonna love it!

whitney allison said...

A little Allan, how cute! You're totally showing and I'm totally jealous.

M-Ware said...

yee haw! that is so freakin awesome!!! how fun to have one of both. and look at your beautiful belly in that beautiful shirt. already busting that great pregnancy style of yours.

Super B said...


Shauna said...

That is a pretty cool pattern of second-child-maleness. Good for you all!

xo Shauna

Stacy Clayburn said...

Miriam- found you on facebook, and linked to you blog. So fun... sew cute! You are so talented its great to see what you've been uo too. Blogging is really cool. You can check mine out if you want.

Emily said...

Nice sidesy shot! You left the jumper at my house, :(
Fun nursery school! Who goes next?
2nd boys, bonded boys, they are ganna all love each other, Dad, Rawl, Luke, Ike, ? (Katie's) and ??? yours!!!

Yeah for Second boys!