Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Amazing Vacation to Oregon

I would do this post in parts like I've seen others do with their vacations, but let's face it--if I don't post it all now, it could be a month and a half before you get the rest. So consequently I'm about to put up a ton of pictures. You WILL scan through them all, and you'll LIKE it.

First of all, I've got to say, this is a funny story: Allan and I took the train from Portland Airport, and our stop was just a few blocks from our rental car place. Or so we thought, I don't know if the blocks in Oregon are just astronomically long, or if our luggage was just astronomically heavy. BUT WE WERE DYING. On our second breather, I was feeling desperate. I couldn't go on like this. Too hard. Too heavy. Too far. My eyes wandered and suddenly, to my utmost surprise and delight, I saw an abandoned shopping cart. Some poor homeless person had left it there just for us, I was sure. We piled up the cart, and happily walked the rest of the way with ease. We looked so homeless. Allan and I were ghetto from our early flight and I was packing Josie in a hiking pack. It turns out that our car place "always pick you up!" I hadn't remembered that, but it doesn't matter. I wouldn't trade our homeless moment for the world.

On the coast:
At the beach:

In the water:
At the Lighthouse:

At the dock:

Hiking around:

Cool tree. It reminds me of a the yoga pose
Collin, Jos, and Luke
At the tide pools:
Luke, my bro Merritt, his wife April, Collin, and us

The "stargy"
Afterward we were TIRED:(and dirty)

Fun. That's what we had. A lot of it, too. Thanks so much Merritt and April for treating us so right, and showing us such a good time. You guys win the hosts of year award. We love you, and Oregon!


Megan said...

oh my heavens, Mim! We were just at the Oregon Coast also!! Well, tomorrow it will have been a month ago that we left (we drove), and I'm missing it sooooooo badly. I want to move there. (but heck, I wanted to move there before I'd ever gone). In what part were you? I think I recognize that Zoltar dude from Newport, am I right? AM I RIGHT!!? We ate at that little Betty Boop cafe place (forgot the had those tini donuts) just to the right of a Zoltar guy that looked so identical to the one in your pic. :) (Chris just said they probably have a ton of them, so not to get my hopes up)...

We took the 3 Capes Loop on the way back, but had to cut it short (basically, 1 Cape Loop for us) ala grumpy children. And missed the Octopus Tree! Is that the one in your pic?

ANYWAY, Newport was the furthest South we went...we took a day to go to the aquarium there. We spent a couple days in Astoria (I highly recommend it if you ever go again), and 4 nights in Rockaway Beach and ventured all over from there.

In conclusion, I love the pics. They make my heart very very homesick. Not even kidding at all. I can taste the experience all over again looking at your pics. I'll be sure to email you my Snapfish link when I finally get mine up there. :)

oh, and the shopping cart story is hilar.

The Brandleys said...

Wow! I think that would be a blast! And seriously I'd look homeless over lugging heavy bags any day. Miss you, I hope we can get together one day! Josie is adorable.

trine k said...

wow, so fun. the pictures turned out beautiful and josie looks amazing-what a cutie. Glad you had so much fun and we're glad you're back. (PS I am also a major fan of beautiful- plus where else could you find so many nude demonstrations and people living off bark in the mountains?)

whitney allison said...

What a fun trip! And how fun that you know Paige, she is awesome isn't she? We should all get together it would be so fun. We'd have to invite Beckie though for sure.

M-Ware said...

i'm glad you forced me to look thru all those pics because i DID like it. hehe. that homeless moment was killing me. allan plays the part well in that photo. beautiful photos all around and little josie is looking so mitchell-like lately. but then i take another look and she looks like allan. i can't decide.

Marilee Leishman said...

That place is gorgeous. How fun! Vacations can be so much fun and it looks like that's what you had. You guys are adorable. And it's fun to see Merritt's Fam too!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! I want to go there now. Josie is adorable!

Tyler & Jackie & Cole said...

Mim, you just went to my favorite place in the world! Tyler grew up in Eugene, so we get to Oregon at least once every year (wish it was more), and we always head to the coast to ride horses on the beach by Haceta. But I gasped when I saw your b-e-a-utiful pics of Haceta Head, my favorite lighthouse in the world! Since we couldn't get there this summer, I appreciate all the pics. It's second best to being there. Where exactly does Merritt's fam live??

Shanna said...

I am so jealous you got such a great trip! And I love the homeless story! Seriously I would do that in a heart beat over caring all the luggage! Glad you had such a great time! :)

The Piersons said...

Oh my goodness, we miss that sweet girl more than you know!! I'm so glad you had such a fun, well deserved vacation and I think I might print out that picture of you with the shopping cart for our house...priceless. We sure miss you guys.

Emily said...

Man, makes me excited for when we go to Oregon again! You got some frame worthy artistic shots. Love the shopping cart, and that Josie is pricelessly cute, love her in Navy. What a fun time. What neat creatures. Those seals look so fat and amazing!