Friday, January 4, 2008

Because you're curious...

I'll tell you what I made everyone for Christmas. Buckle up. This won't be entirely complete, but I'll give you the highlights.
First, I made this bag for Melissa, Allan's little sister. I got the pattern off this fabulous little website, in case anyone can now not live without a bag of their own. It was so deliciously fun, that I aspired to design a bag of my own. I did, and made it for Elena, but forgot to take a photo, sorry friends.

Margaret, Allan's Mom, got a lovely fabric photo bookmark. I whipped this little treasure up after seeing a photo of a really boring bookmark on Martha Stewy's website. Mine is a lot better, and not just cause it has a cute photo of Josie.
Eirene got a pincushion. PS. Craft felt is extremely cheap and useful.
Emily, as you see here, got a magnificent little Obi belt that just accentuates her already rockin' bod. I know, I know...three kids! I can only hope I'll look this smokin' after I've passed three children through my birth canal.

Let's see...Josie got these sweet little smocks, and the afore mentioned booties. I found both of these fabrics at Walmart for a dollar a yard. They both are in want of buttons, as you can see, but I figured, no hurry, right? She's got a while before she even knows what clothes are, know, when I get around to it.
I made slipper like unto these, but not exactly these. My visiting teacher made these for me for my birthday, and she very kindly taught me, and I made some teal and tan ones for my mom.

I made stockings for us all--
Allan is a real comic-book face as many of you know, and so I made his out of some of his old tee-shirts, and a few good Christmas comics. Mine, as I already blogged, is a replica of Anthropologie's Kantha Stocking. Josie's stocking is a bit of a mut. Half Free People, (maybe 3/4's) and a bit me. I like mine better.

Let's see, for my tree I fabric mache'd some eggs that I blew (actually, Allan did most of the blowing). PS, in the future, I would just use plastic eggs. More child friendly.
I also made these, which I learned from Martha. I put them over a tiny light bulb, and they lit up at night. So pretty.
Lastly, my favorite Christmas decor of the season: a branch bouquet adorned with delicate paper cranes.
Well, that is all I have photo documentation of. If anyone would like a tutorial or pattern on something, I could probably come up with something. Emily, Eirene and I are probably going to start a craft blog soon, so this would be a little start.

Remember folks, if you have time to breathe, you have time to craft.


M-Ware said...

are. you. for. real. i can't believe my eyes. i want to comment on all of them. that bag looks professionally made. i'm sure melissa loved it. i am making one of those bookmarks for diane when we have a child. what mom wouldn't want just her son and his kid on a bookmark with only the essence of the wife in the fabric. does that make sense? i think you know what i mean. the pincushion is perfect for eirene and is straight out of anthropologie. emily DOES have a rockin bod, and what better belt to accentuate it? the smocks - can't even begin to understand how you pulled those together. and the slippers! so adorable. the stockings are so unique and suited for each person, which i love. and is that embroidering on josie's? it is NOT a mutt. the ornaments are so bright and different and i'm interested to see those little light covers in person. and the classic branch bouquet. a nice way to use up what the winter gives you. nice work!

LeAnne said...

Ditto the above! I am pysched to see your crafting blog! You alredy to a great job. I love your saying "If you have time to breathe, you have time to craft". When I get my craft room one day, that saying will be its slogan.

Fig said...

Double ditto and I am so envious and you're my hero of craft.

cat and danny said...

Mim you are just so creative! All I have to say is WOW! Everything looks good!

Heather E. said...

Okay color me impressed. I really love those smocks? What pattern is it and is it cheap? And when do you sleep?

Beth Benson said...

you are so stinkin crafty...i love it. I think i found your blog through cats blog or something. Do you even remember me?? anyway...i'm back out at byu idaho. I got to go visit misty and her husband a day or two ago. it was fun. anyway..just wanted to say hi. have a great day!