Wednesday, August 8, 2007

To cut, or not to cut?

Disclaimer: I'm terribly sorry to all those who have come here hoping to see pictures of Josie, or read something really deep. This is a vain and worldly post, and if you can't handle that, don't read it.

Alright, girls--Who's with me?

I'm feeling the itch to cut my hair. Let me give you my personal hair history, so you can give me informed advice. I don't want anyone to make any hasty decisions. During my mission I let all my blonde hi-lights finally grow out, and so I'm a true-blue(er...brown) brunette. My Repunzel locks are way longer than ever, and I've been sporting bangs (real short and longer swoopy ones) for almost 3 years now. Also since the mission I have embraced my natural wave, and more often than not let it air dry and just slap some product in. So I'm feeling a bit pioneerish lately, because my hair is so ridiculously "all-naturAL baby." I've discovered that layers are really the ticket for my wave, and also I've been desiring to let my bangs finally grow out, although I'm not opposed to keeping them. I think Allan likes me better without them, but he thinks I'm hot no matter what, so it doesn't really matter...;) Heh heh.. SO, here is me now:

Here's my hair straightened, but honestly girls, I get around to straightening it every couple weeks is all.
Usually it looks more like this. "All naturAL" comes to mind again. (-Creed from The Office)

And here are some ideas. Some of these pictures are really lame and straight from those ridiculous hair magazines, but I'm looking to you to catch the vision, girls.

Edgy, I know. Obviously I'm not going to be taking the time to straighten and texturize like this, but "look harder" (Lion King anyone?) I like the length and layers...
She is so sultry looking. So kinda the same as the first but a bit shorter and with bangs...
So cute. A little Pixie cut. Hey, I am NOT afraid to go this short.
I think I just dig the way her hair is done here...
This is my hottie little sister-in-law Melissa. Gorgeous, right? She's sporting this longer blunt cut. I do like this length on me, I think...

So? What do you think? I need all of your wisdom, folks. Tell me if you think I'm not quite eclectic enough to handle some or any of these cuts, I can handle it. "This is for posterity's sake, so...try to be honest." *See my poll on the top right column.

Man, I'm really on a movie quoting roll today.


Ann said...

I love all of your TV and movie quotes--it reminds me of Scotty, of course. I'm down with you cutting your hair--I plan on cutting mine too--right after my ten year reunion and IF i can find a decent hair cutter. Anyway--I think I like you better without bangs as well, but that could be because I am jealous of your small forehead, so I may not be objective on that one. I love your sister-in-law's lenght as well. However, if you do like your layers and would like to keep them, I say maybe go for length number 4 (the blond chick)...Anyway..hope this helps. By the way...Was that first picture taken post Josie? Mim, you look gorgeous! Have you already lost your baby weight? Em probably has too. She's amazing too--such a die hard exerciser. Whenever I exercise with her, she kicks my fanny and I end up feeling like a big fatty loser. But I'm getting better. Sorry about the tangent.

Mere said...

I hardly ever straighten my hair, and i want to cut it real bad. I think that you should cut your hair. I would cut your hair the length of the first picture or second picture, maybe not the style of the first picture though. Other than that I think that your natural wave is cute so who cares about straightening? Go for it and cut it!

marvel976 said...

Hey Babe, enjoy your Blog,


the mither

marvel976 said...

The voting machine won't accomodate additional voters, so let me add by hand that Sariah voted for the shoulderlength look, and Elena voted for the chop to the chin.

Personally, I'm fine with the Pioneer look (no surprise there), but know that when a girl gets the itch for a change, there's no going back. So that's why I say the shoulder length look.

That way when you get the itch again, you've still got something left to work with-- And it will be all the sooner when it grows out again!

You look great with it long, and I'm sure you'll look great with whatever length you decide to go to.


The Brandleys said...

Mim, i still have the exact same hair i had when we were roomies!! please let me live vicariously through you. chop it off, you know you look hot no matter what! i'm still terrified to even think about cutting mine. all i do is cut bangs periodically and cut more layers. isn't it nice to have a husband that thinks you're hot no matter what!?

The Brandleys said...

h and by the way you are looking great, how old is Josie now? you are looking great for having a baby just a couple months ago!

russbecsrobinson said...

Mim, I loved your short haircut you had in college. I think you would look good anyway you cut it.
I think you would look good with like number 2 or 4. I like the lengths on those...maybe I need to cut mine too.

love, b
ps. I loved seeing you and your baby.

M-Ware said...

i TOO have been a pioneer as of late and will be following you close behind. i am excited for you and i'm excited for me! blondes have more fun and girls with short hair have more fun. that's the truth. i can't decide on any of those pictures so i'm really going to have to mull it over to give you the most rounded out, thought out opinion...but my first instinct was the blonde chick 2nd from bottom. BUT -- is that because i was remembering you blonde? i don't know. i will get back to you.
ps -- ARE you intended to add blonde? just wondering...........

M-Ware said...

ok. i'm ready to tell you that i'm sticking with my first instinct. go with the 'do of the blonde chick. dang she's got a pucker. this is what i'm thinking:
i have thoroughly enjoyed your bangs but i like how hers are a bit longer and they'd provide a good swoop or allow for an easy tie-back. these are two things that are important to you -- a sassy style or a hairdo on the go..
the length is short but not too short and you can always cut more if you're feeling it later.
remember the pixie cut you had at Ricks and hated vehemently? don't forget that because i, for one, remember that you hated it. wait. i'm right, right? you hated it. that's all i can remember. but you know how all of our haircuts have caused us hatred at some time or another. soooo...there you have it.
that's my opinion.
i'm excited for you.
cutting hair is akin to cutting baggage, meaning with cutting your hair comes cutting out all the crap of the world. it means less shampoo, it means less weight, it means less dry-time. and in the end you get so much more.

Heather E. said...

I too vote for the blonde one. My sister is wise. She just cut a huge chunk of my hair into bangs and now I wonder why I hadn't done it sooner. Plus, your waves are a gift from the pioneers and they are coveted. Use them. Short, chin length would be a really fun mom-do. Short hair=less time wasted and new moms really need to cut out all the time wasters they can, you know? good luck. And I think you can check my bangs at my blog: