Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Clean Team

This is one of the many reasons why my dad is a true champ:

He can remodel the house, study his scriptures AND take a nap all at once.

Pretty good, eh? Allan and I went to my home this last weekend to help paint and do some last minute things before the carpeters come on Wednesday (My parents are renovating our house in Roosevelt, so they can move to Monticello). My dad was sporting some classic dad-jeans, a studly tool belt, and of course, an enormous grin. In this remodeling uniform he was bustling around the house from one job to another. Sometime around mid-morning I noticed him fixing a door frame, and the next moment I found him fast asleep atop a pile of tiles with his scriptures set out before him. Classic. (In his defense, he did manage a good study by the time he was done, I believe).

Some of you know that I once sported a hefty tool belt of my own. For a semester at Ricks College I worked in construction (cabeling), and ever since then I have felt a truly gratifying sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when handling a powertool, etc. I get this overly confident attitude like I know what I'm doing, and just sort of get my hands dirty and boss people around. This weekend was no different. I was the first to use the ultra-cool commercial paint-sprayer—I blasted the high-powered machine, and inhaled more paint than it takes to paint the Golden Gate Bridge, I'm pretty sure.

There aren't very many things that I enjoy more than working with my family; ever since I was young, and my mom christened us the "clean team," I've enjoyed the togetherness of working as a family. A real family "workforce" (a term we've recently used to describe ourselves) is always characterized by food (my mom always whips something tasty up), music (traditionally it was always Michael Jackson, but we've since spread our wings), and good humor (we're really an entertaining bunch, you know).

Now I'll bet all of you want to join a "clean team." You have a couple of options: A) Join ours--we're always accepting new applications, or B) Start one of your own—the really good ones come with a tee-shirt (mine said #4 on the back).

Go! Fight! .....Clean!


M-Ware said...

babies can clean good, too. are those your dusty feet under some denim culottes? nice. i totally FORGOT that you worked cabling. i can see you and kyle now. together. cabling. tool belt and blonde streaks. i can't believe you had that job. i gotta hand it to you for being so tough. o.m.gosh. you will not believe what music my neighbor is playing right now. THRILLER. MJ. can he join the clean team?

Mim said...

I guess I should explain about the babies... We had to keep them entertained somehow, so my mom put that get-up on the fan; they just laid there mesmerized for hours. It was real cute.

Ann said...

Yes your fam is super cool that way. It looks like you guys really are doing some big time stuff to the house! How does it look?

And I'm dying to know--what did you decide to do with your hair?!

Mim said...

I decided to chop it! I'm going with the length around my chin, but a little longer (like the blonde haired gal), but I'm waiting until after tomorrow because I want it long for graduation! I actually did it today for commencement, and it made me have all sorts of doubts... But no! I must move forward and ahead! I will definitely post some pictures when I get it done. On a side note, I DID cut Eirenie's hair like the little pixie cut here. We also high-lighted it, and it looks great; I'll post a picture of that too!

Ann said...

Ok, good. I can hardly wait, so make it quick... I know how you feel about doing your long hair all pretty and then questioning whether or not you should cut it. My hair has gotten pretty long again (or long for me, rather) and I always think it looks pretty after I've spent way too long curling it. Then, when I look at pictures of when it is long and curled, I ask myself why I cut it because I temporarily forget about the fact that it was only curled and pretty about 1% of the time. Anyway, eventually I come back to reality and realize that my long hair is super ugly most of the time and that it would look cute much more often if I would just cut it....Anyway...I got a little carried away...

P.S. Congratulations on graduation!!