Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shake it like a polaroid

My kids are getting huge. This past summer Josie has grown like a weed right out of her pants and shoes (In fact we measured her right at 24 months--kids are supposedly supposed to double their height at two--and according to those calculations she'll be 5'10''). She's grown an inch since then. Merritt has gone from infant to bouncing baby. He cracks us all up with his laugh (see video below), and makes more squeaks and squeals than a rubber ducky. He's diligently trying to roll over, and casually trying to sleep through the night.

Conference this past weekend was brilliant. I ate up every single word with gusto. After it was all over, I just had this warm, happy, buzz and felt so thankful because I knew it was all true, and that felt good. I re-watched Elder Holland's talk today, and yep, it's just as powerful the second time. I loved them all, but especially Elder Bednar's talk, President Monson's, and Elder Cristofferson's. Which were your favorites?

My friend Martha started a new blog on which she talked about Rollip--a website that changes your photos into polaroid-looking pictures. Fabulous!! Here's me going crazy this afternoon...

President Monson

Timpanogos Temple

And here's a gem from the other night. You don't have to watch the whole video, because it's pretty much the same thing for two minutes. But I always say you can never have enough giggling from a 5 month old.


Super B said...

I did watch the whole video because A. I love you
B. I love your kids (they are adorable)
C. I love babies and anything associated with them. Their giggles, their expressions, their wobbly-ness. Everything.
D. I am really wanting another baby and watching cute videos seems to make it worse. Oh wait, that should be on the "why I refuse to watch cute baby videos" list.

Averi said...

Your kids really are getting so big, and they both have the most contagious giggles and smiles!! Such little sweeties :) And I LOVE the polaroid thing. Totally using that now!

The Piersons said...

I love the Polaroid effect, very nice.

Also that video made me so excited for when Carson can laugh. How cute!

Marilee Leishman said...

I love those happy moments at home with the adorable kids. The giggling is so cute, and I loved hearing Josie talk, she sounds so much like Laya. I love it. We have to get together when we come down for christmas. We were so busy when we came up just recently, but we have to get together next time!
I love it when Merritt is looking over at you for reassurance as Josie gets close to him. Eli is always searching for my face to make sure I'm watching and Laya won't get too wild!

April said...

Loving the polaroid photo converter. I'm using it and am so excited about it. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...


What I love about this video is Josie's jumping and her repeated "Meritt's funny!" and I love Merritt's giggles...and yours!!

Those shots are picture perfect and to die for really! Such cute children!

I can't remember my favorite talks already...proof that I need to re-study them, and I am 2/3 through Scott's...like you say just as powerful!