Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ Forever

Yeah, so I'm totally swiping your blog post, Averi. Even the picture and title. Take it as a compliment! I would...
MJ does, and will live forever. He's as immortal as Elvis, or the Beatles. He's the King of Pop! I am totally incapable of not bopping my head, or snapping, or popping my shoulders at least a little when I hear Black or White, Bad, or The Way You Make Me Feel to name a few. The beat just forces you to Rock with him.....Alll Night. That was why Michael Jackson was our first choice as motivating background music for the few times we cleaned up around the house growing up. My mom would say we had to clean up (the exact phrase was "do a cleanteam"), so we'd set the clock for thirty minutes, pump the Michael Jackson Greatest Hits CD, and work it like the King himself. Ahh, those were the days... That was almost as glorious as taking first place in a college dance competition (Battle of the Dance, baby) where we popped and locked our way through Smooth Criminal. We won first place, and if you had been there to witness the event, you'd have thought I just won the lottery. I'm still embarrassed when I think about how much I freaked out. Well, that is what I'm good at. That and MJ moves. Just yesterday as I was finishing my run, the song "Bad" came on, and I'll admit it, I threw a kick or two. Can you just see it, Marth?

So, I'm willing to put aside his recent creepiness to pay homage to the king. He was cool enough that in highschool I checked out every single music video he ever made and thus learned how to moon walk in my tv room. Well, kinda.

May we all (or at least any of you out there who ever did the Thriller dance head-bobble-slide-stomp combo) take off your white glove and throw your hat for the King of Pop.


Averi said...

Oh man, I am so with you... and I TOTALLY forgot about your reaction when we won!! you made me giggle, aww, good times! Miss you girl, and RIP MJ... so sad

M-Ware said...

Your reaction to our win will go down in history as much as our awesome dance will. No question. And our dance was awesome because of your inspired choreography. If Mary Murphy had seen it she'd have put us in first class on the Hot Tamale train.

I just posted The Scroll's review of Battle of the Dance on our SYTYCD message board. Not the best piece of reporting, but you were quoted! Rock on! Here's the link:

Brianne said...

His songs are still some of my absolute favorites. That's so funny because my college days were filled with tons of Michael Jackson too. Wow.