Monday, June 8, 2009

And then we blessed him

...On Sunday. It was nice. Nice to see family. Nice to eat good food. Nice to fall a little more in love with my husband as he blessed our little baby.

We tried to get a family photo, but we were extremely limited on time, because Josie had pooped in the toilet without me, and forgot to wipe, and unfortunately it was the kind of poo that you really ought to wipe. Did I mention that she didn't have underwear on? She didn't because earlier she had leaked a little before making it to the toilet, so I just took them off. Consequently this rather unforgiving poop was in chunks all over her dress, and legs, and well everywhere. Anyway, we discovered all this just moments before these photos were taken, and that's why she's standing in front of us, and not sitting on our lap. Merritt pooped too, but it wasn't as big a deal. I took some awesome photos of the poop smeared dress as well as Allan hosing her off stark naked in the backyard, but I'll spare you. I have to remind myself sometimes that not everyone enjoys a good poop documentation like I do.

The photos of Merritt are pretty dark too, but it was rainy today and so that's the best I could do. As my Mom would say, it is what it is. And that's fine. I also tried to get him to smile--he does so often--but he was pretty stoic this morning, and that's fine too. Stoic Merritt is almost as cute as smiley Merritt.

Oh, and I cut my hair.


Averi said...

Mim, you look rockin, and I LOVE the hair! I love all the pics and even the humorous story about Josie :) I can't get over just how much she looks like you. You guys have a darling family!

Rach said...

Oh my GOSH, he looks so cute!! I love the outfit...he is going to love having such a talented mom who can "whip up" outfits like this! I love your haircut too! And PS: I always document Lily's huge poops! It's probably gross, but I have a whole folder called "poop" in my photos. Yikes.

Super B said...

Oh my goodness. Can I just come and love on him? Oh, wait, I July. He is too much. I for one would not have been offended if you posted a poop picture, but that is just me.
You look amazing, as usual. Such a beautiful family!!

Heather E. said...

The poop documentation sounds like it would have been the offending kind, so thank you. It still would've been hilarious. Merritt's leiderhosen (sp) is darling. Good work on the hair.

The Piersons said...

You look so great, I really love your hair too. I wish we could've been there. He already looks so big. I can't wait to get advice from you on these little boys.

A-Ware said...

leiderhosen! fabulous! merritt looks A-DOR-ABLE. and that story about josie ... ahhh ... poop chunks. of course she did.

your hair is also A-MAZING.

Marth (not A-Ware)

Brianne said...

Miriam, oh the Josie poop story is too funny. And I love Merritt's outfit, I'm guessing you made it! Are you ready for some sewing time yet!?! I've already given up on my shirt, I ruined the sleeve. Oh how I wish I had your talent.