Sunday, November 16, 2008

What we found under our bed

So to provide ourselves with a little bit more storage, Allan and I put our bed on risers. It was almost as fruitful as our Christmas will be.
We found:
-23 hair bands
-41 bobby pins
-3 hair clips
-4 safety pins
-a pair of snow gloves
-a beanie
-a pair of MUCH looked for snow pants
-a staple remover
-marshmallow roasting sticks
-9 pens
-a notebook
-my favorite roll recipe
-2 big FAT spiders
and drumroll please...........................................

-MY WEDDING RING!!!!!!! (It's been lost for over a year, and no, I did NOT even clean it for this photo)
So, clean out under your bed already. You might find something that you thought to be gone forever.


Averi said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Congrats on finding your ring! Aww, that makes me happy for you! Amazing what a little cleaning can do :)

Jon and Angela said...

Congratulations! It's like receiving the ring all over again. I'm sure you're super excited to wear it! I'm glad it wasn't "lost forever".

M-Ware said...

oh, that is hilarious. i cleaned my whole house this weekend but deliberately avoided under the bed cuz i just don't want to know.

Shauna said...

Hey Mim-sahib, tooooo funny!

Your mom gave me your blog address and I have been thoroughly entertained!

xo Shauna

whitney allison said...

Holy crap! Do you mean your band or your actual engagement ring? Either way, glad it turned up.

Allan said...

the ACTUAL engagement ring

Brianne said...

I love your blog. It screams Miriam, artsy and beautiful. I am happy you found your ring, I can't believe you lost it for that long. How did I not know?

Jules and Allan said...

I'm so glad I checked your blog! That's awesome that you found your ring. I miss you! and by the way, you are so talented! Do rich people hire seamstresses? If so, you should totally do it!

Shauna said... response to your note to me, I'm glad you know how to spell it now, and you do know the definition, don't you? It has just always been my little play on words with your "Mim" name.

And thanks for your sweet note!