Monday, December 24, 2007

Festive Photos

I've really been a lousy blogger lately. No excuses. I've just been consumed by crafts and other Christmas stuff lately. About that...I'll really try to update you soon. I found our charger just tonight.

Here's some festive photos! First, our ward Christmas party-- I challenge anyone to try and best our party. Our activity committee is a couple who both work in the movie industry. Get this: they met on the set of Napoleon dynamite. He did the lighting, and she did the makeup. Anyway. This year the theme was "Christmas in the Americas." Irina works for the LDS motion picture studio now, and hence, our gym was decked out from the various movie set props. Our program was AWESOME with a professional narrator, sweet sound effects, and the costumes from The know, the movie they used to play on Temple Square. It really was cool, but besides all the awesome set, sound, and costumes etc., it really was a powerful program that really helped me feel the spirit of what Christmas is all about. Allan and I were both in the program. Allan was a enthusiastic "unbeliever," and I was part of the crowd (hence I just wore what I...and Eirene had lying around the house).

Merry Christmas friends! I love you all, and also homemade caramel.


2P and Super B said...

it is about time you updated! I look forward to your updates. I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Know that I love you and think you look fantastic and Josie is a DOLL!!
happy new year!!

The Belnaps said...

Hey! Those pictures are so cute of your cute little family! Hawaii was so fun, I wish i could go to the beach everyday! Im sad that we missed hanging out with you guys though! We need to get together soon! Hope you have a happy new year!

M-Ware said...

ah i love when you update the blog! makes me feel...updated. sounds like you had a great show and i really like your red/plaid combo. is that what you were talking about when you said you wore what was lying around the house? well, i love it. and josie is so beautiful in red! love it. and love your blush.