Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Matriarchal Pride

Top Ten Things Josie Does When I'm Not Looking

10. Attempts to reorganize the plastic-baggy drawer by emptying out the contents...she's right--they would be more handy for her on the kitchen floor.
9. Likewise reorganizes the hand-towel drawer.
8. Methodically de-shelves the bookshelf
7. Shreds entire rolls of TP (which thanks to Allan are in every room of our home)
6. Tips over the garbage cans, rummages through, finds and gnaws on slimy banana peels
5. Mysteriously--no seriously, this IS a mystery--unscrews bottles of lotion and consumes what she doesn't rub into the carpet
4. Climbs INTO the fridge when I'm putting away groceries. Yeah, she's real quick.
3. Rips out pages of my scriptures
2. Dumps out the contents of a lentil bag that I taped shut for lack of a rubber band.
1. Speedily makes a B-line for the bathroom whenever I leave it open and fishes in the toilet. She's a real opportunist. Gross.

Yeah, she's good. She's real good.

And...she walks!!!

She's into Spaghetti in a big way
This was a recorded letter home from my mish......yeah--tears. *note the hand-towels in the background and the tortilla scraps all over.

I like this picture because my bicep looks really big.


The Brandleys said...

Ha Ha that sound just like Jonas. we have officially locked every cupboard in the house because of him. The best was when he found a tub of vaseline because Matt left the bathroom door open. Isn'tbeinga Mommy fun!!

marzy dotes said...

Oh my goodness, you and Josie are DARLING!! What beautiful pictures of the two of you! How old is Josie now - I can't believe she is walking! How is it possible for such innocent little things to make such big messes in such a short amount of time - and of course it is hard to get mad at that little face that you love so much!


2P and Super B said...

Oh Mim, she is so precious!! and precocious. I love it! I am holding onto these non-crawling, non-walking days as long as possible!!
hey, I am coming to town...the end of July. I don't know if I told you that already, but I need to see you in a really bad way!

Averi said...

Mim! Glad you found me and my blog :) And CUTE CUTE picutres. she is getting SO big! What a doll... and PS yes your arm looks super buff, you been working out??!!!

Anonymous said...


P.S. This is Cambria... Allan's friend. I don't know how much input he has with your family blog but he sent me the address a while back. :)

Marilee Leishman said...

I think I can relate to you in all your sentiments. Laya can be exhausting sometimes. I love Josie's hair, it's getting long and it's so cute and blond. How fun to see her walking too. You guys are adorable. You look so much alike, in my opinion.

Jordanna said...

Oh, my goodness...I fell over laughing at your list of what Josie does when you're not looking. Tiago's almost 8 months, I've still got time to prepare...(note to self, remove toilet paper from house...no wait, I can't do that...) :)

The Piersons said...

Oh we need to come over and see Josie walk very soon. We are in love with the latest pictures, you are both two hot ladies!

whitney allison said...

She is such a sweetie, love the side swept bangs.

M-Ware said...

you're back! and better (and buffer) than ever. you know, the other day, i was thinking: josie is one of those cool kids. like she just looks like a laid back, chill little (mischevious) kid. she is cuter than ever!! i saw ruby this last weekend. i'll prolly post pics.

Lacey said...

Where can I get a bicep like yours? AND, I can't believe Josie is walking now!!! When did that happen?

LeAnne said...

She has grown up so fast! I love your biceps. Lets get together for a crafternoon and a session of show-me-whatever-you-are-doing-to-get-your-rocker-mom-bod. Sound good? Great!